Photos: Enjoying Caserio del Mirador

Caserío del Mirador is the creation of Johnny and Sarah Robinson, it was inspired and influenced by their experience of their travels with and without children. The house is an environment where people can relax and be together, a home that is shared to give a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The dramatic setting often makes an impact when guests arrive for the first time, it is a magic that gives you a feeling of being away on holiday from the moment you arrive. The terraces, gardens and grounds give a wonderful sense of space and the accommodation is designed to be generous and comfortable.

We love Spain, the people, the food, the landscape, the Mediterranean and of course the beautiful weather. It is perfect for young families on holiday and in the cooler months walking amongst what must be one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe.

We welcome you to Caserío del Mirador, where we hope you will discover for yourself why this is such a special place and take home some lasting memories.




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