Photos: Eating at Caserio del Mirador

Eating gives us the opportunity to sit down, relax and share each other's company. Meal times are central to Spanish life. Even the simplest meal has a sense of occasion; an opportunity to share family time and enjoy the company of friends. At Caserío del Mirador meals are a highlight of being on holiday, where eating al fresco or savouring simple pleasures under starry skies give lasting memories.

Freshly prepared local ingredients provide a variety of Mediterranean dishes, served in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. You can elect to eat in the privacy of your own apartment or terrace, or enjoy eating communally with other guests in the outside kitchen. If you have special dietary requirements we take care to ensure they are catered for.

Spain has a rich culinary heritage and we invite you to join us, to explore and experience simple delights in the most wonderful setting.




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